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Pyrrole Disorder Signs and Symptoms – When to Seek Help


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Maria Allerton is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist who runs a busy Health Clinic in Sydney. Maria uses a functional medicine approach to find the real causes of illness. She is a firm believer in the principle of ‘food as medicine’ and focuses on diet, nutrients and lifestyle when addressing the conditions of her patients.

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  1. John says:

    Hi Maria,

    Do you think that Calcium d-glucarate may help for pyrrole as much as it does for Gilbert Syndrome?

    Best wishes!!


  2. […] Read more about symptoms and treatment for Pyroluria / Pyrrole Disorder. […]

  3. Linda Hodgson says:

    I have been under various Nathropath’s can I please book a free 15 min phone session

  4. Linda Hodgson says:

    Hi I have a genetic methylation mutation also high bilirubin 27 and I tested for pyrole my cholesterol 7.4 everything else good on my liver tests
    Also I have von willebrands disease

  5. Ally olsson says:

    My son has his test results back, but it has ++++ not a number. Does four plus signs mean 40? The doctor didn’t explain this to me

  6. Stephanie Hay says:

    Hi there
    My daughter was tested for pyrroles a few years ago and since then my naturopath has prescribed her Pure Children’s Essentials – Orthoplex, and a zinc primer cream. However after reading your article on pyrroles I see that the diagnosis for pyrroles has been changed to >40mcg/dl – my daughter tested at 20 mcg/dl). Do you think we need to continue with treatment? I don’t want to overload her body with VitB6 and Zinc if she doesn’t really need it. TIA Stephanie

    • Maria says:

      Hi Stephanie, the children’s cut off is still 20 (40 is the adult cut off). I always treat the whole person and their symptoms, not just a test score.

  7. Biljana Brkic says:

    Hi Maria,

    I have been urged to have testing for pyrrole disorder. I’m in Brisbane. Can we consult and see what we can do?

    Kindest regards

  8. Carolyn says:

    Hello my name is carolyn Kneller. My story is extreme. It is not for me that I write this but for my son. My son Timothy has only a few hours ago told us he has Pyrolluria and in telling me also told of the traumas he has been through in the last 5 years. Tim is 24 and married at 19 to the most viscous hateful girl we have ever known. Because of her insecurities she forbid Tim to have anything to do with us so for 4 years we have not been able to contact him. They have recently separated and so tim has been able to contact us again and this is how we’ve learnt of the traumatic things he has been through. His dad and I are really anxious to get him help, is there any way possible you may be able to help us.

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