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About Maria from True Foods Nutrition

Maria Allerton is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist who runs a busy Health Clinic in Sydney. Maria uses a functional medicine approach to find the real causes of illness. She is a firm believer in the principle of ‘food as medicine’ and focuses on diet, nutrients and lifestyle when addressing the conditions of her patients.

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  1. Debbie Anderson says:

    Would love to know if there are any conferences to learn more ? I am a Psychiatric NP for child and Adolescent

  2. jaroslav says:

    Hello, do you have any information about Gilbert in any ebook? If you don’t have a supplement plan for this disease …. I’m chronically tired and I have a gilbert, ebv … I’ve been struggling with this for years, and I don’t really know where to start.

    thank you for answer


    • Maria Allerton says:

      Hi Jaroslav, something exciting is coming:) but also every treatment is highly personalised so I recommend booking in with my team for a consult thx

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