Hello and welcome! My name is Maria Shaflender, Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I run a busy nutrition clinic in Dover Heights, Sydney, as well as online consults with clients within Australia and internationally. I help my clients overcome long standing health conditions through adopting healthy eating, addressing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, eliminating ‘bugs’ (parasites, unbalanced gut flora), reducing toxicity, addressing genetics and enabling the body to heal.

I am a fully qualified Nutritionist (Adv.Dip Nutritional Medicine) and a registered member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). I practice Functional Medicine- a system of addressing underlying causes of illness, not just symptom relief.

My postgraduate qualifications include:

  • Certification with MAPS (Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs) and Mindd Foundation training
  • Fitgenes practitioner certification- I regularly use genetic profile tests
  • Postgraduate courses include:
    • Health Masters live- Gastrointestinal, Autoimmune and Thyroid modules
    • Post-graduate courses in mental health with Rachel Arthur ND
    • Certified courses in ‘Restoring the Microbiome’ with Dr Jason Hawrelak and ‘Resolving Chronic Health Conditions’ with Dr Sandeep Gupta.

I undertake regular post graduate training in diverse medicine and nutrition areas to ensure I have the latest knowledge and protocols. My passion is to help individuals and their families find a truly healthy life through eating real food, improving their lifestyle, addressing gut and mood issues, metabolic issues, through understanding body systems and genetics.

I strongly believe these goals can be achieved by being empowered to take charge of your own health. Too often we delegate our health to others- by doing this we lose touch with how our bodies work and feel and what they really need. My job is to empower my patients to make positive changes in their life by choosing the right food and lifestyle.

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Having personal experience with numerous health conditions makes all the difference

What makes my approach to healthcare unique is the fact that I have personally experienced numerous, often debilitating health conditions throughout my life. This helps me in my nutrition clinic daily in numerous ways: to truly relate and empathise with my patients, to be able to quickly identify potential underlying causes that others have missed and order the right functional tests and devise effective treatment plans.

Some of the conditions that I have personally dealt with during my health journey include: severe food intolerances and allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and SIBO, gut dysbiosis and infections, Candida, Pyroluria, copper toxicity, Gilbert’s Syndrome, MTHFR and numerous other unfavourable genetics, thyroid and hormonal dysregulation, depression and anxiety, adrenal fatigue and burnout, insomnia, weight gain and loss and many others. I also have an extensive understanding of autoimmune conditions such as MS (multiple sclerosis), diabetes and developmental issues in children through experience with family members.

All these areas have been the focus of my training (including post-graduate courses) and research.

What I think truly makes a difference and what I love to do with my patients is to put together the ‘puzzle pieces’ to form a real understanding of the TRUE CAUSES of their health issues. In my health journey I consulted numerous conventional and complimentary health practitioners along the way and to be honest never found somebody who really ‘gets it’ and can see through all the test results, symptoms, emotions and history and put it all together. I decided that I would become that practitioner and that is what I thrive on in my clinic work.

Nutrition Philosophy

Food, cooking and nutrition have always been my passion and my key interest is ‘food as medicine’- I truly believe that numerous health conditions that are prevalent today have a DIRECT relationship to our food, as well as environment and lifestyle.

Over the last 20+ years I’ve read numerous nutrition, diet and health books and experimented with many ‘hit and miss’ approaches to eating, but never felt truly healthy. When I had difficulty falling pregnant with my first child, I tried a hunter –gatherer style diet and eliminated all grains, dairy, sugar, legumes and processed foods from my diet. I immediately felt more energetic and my digestion improved dramatically. I felt like a different person. Since this time I have adopted an ancestral/primal diet centered on wholefoods sourced from plants and animals: you will see this approach  symbolised in the logo of my clinic.

Following the birth of my two children, I’ve made a decision to pursue my passion for nutrition and health via studying nutrition in earnest and founding True Foods Nutrition.

By finding the TRUE causes that underlie your health conditions it is possible to address these with diet, supplements, detoxification strategies and lifestyle changes.

My approach is not ‘go on this diet, work out your protein/carbs/fats and you’ll be ok’- it’s a holistic, systematic, comprehensive and evidence based plan that will enable you to make significant changes in your health with me as your guide.

Now my mission is to help others discover health, vitality and well-being through eating real food and re-balancing the body with the right nutritional supplements and lifestyle choices.

Find out how I have been able to help my clients by visiting the Testimonials Page.

You can read my blogs on various topics by clicking on Health Blogs tab at the top of the website. ALL content on my website is written entirely by me only, I don’t use ghost writers or copywriters.

My Philosophy

My nutrition philosophy is centered on a diet of nutrient dense wholefoods: organic, seasonal animal and plant foods every day, together with bone broths, pro-biotic foods and healthy fats. Nothing processed, artificial, made in a factory. Nothing that has existed for less than 100 years in our food system or that my grandparents wouldn’t have recognised!

I truly believe that True Foods Nutrition will help you and your family become and stay healthy every day!

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Maria Shaflender, Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Sydney Australia


Maria Shaflender is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist (Adv.Dip Nutritional Medicine, Nature Care College Sydney) and a registered member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society).

Postgraduate training includes: MAPS certification (Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs), Mindd Foundation practitioner

Before becoming a nutritionist, Maria Shaflender worked in marketing at three multinationals in Australia, UK and the US (B. Commerce, UNSW).






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