Gilbert’s Syndrome – The Hidden Cause of Gut-Brain Issues


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  1. Amazing information! I have recently had a blood test and my bilirubin level was 15 but I have had nausea and anxiety problems for weeks but been well for years since my first flare up of GS and probable diagnosis so I was so surprised my levels were within the normal marker, I have had a lot of stress lately however but could the zinc be beneficial for the anxiety,I’m sure the nausea sets off the anxiety,I take a mild getabloker for ectopic beats too

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for your comment.Yes stress can elevate bilirubin levels but the key thing you need to look at is whether it is consistently elevated. 2-3 elevated readings make Gilbert’s more likely, or test for the gene. Let me know if you need more help, I do skype consults worldwide.

      • Hi Maria,

        Are there any zinc supplements you can recommend? Will taking zinc cause copper deficiency?

        Thankyou for the great information!

        • Hi Jack, thanks for your comment. The type and dose of supplements is highly individual and yes needs to be carefully monitored with blood and hair testing to ensure it’s appropriate.

  2. Mam…i have gilbert syndrome from last 2 and half year….
    My bilirubin is 2.38 now …is goes high to 4 ….mam i have problem like appetite…and a brain issue …I FEEL LIKE MY BRAIN IS NOT WITH ME when i talk to someone its feel like empty empty in the brain ..and concentration problem

    And mam gilbert can damag3 my brain or what??please help

    • Hi Gaurav, yes it can, bilirubin is toxic to the brain in high amounts as it produces oxidative stress. Feel free to reach out if you need help managing this condition. cheers

      • What to do now mam please help me…

        • It will not cure …na mam..can i die from this?gilbert syndrome…or it can damage my brain how much is there any serious risk of it ?? Give me a solution how to maintain it please mam

  3. Hello there,

    I very much enjoyed this post as I have been struggling with recurrent SIBO for 3 years now. I was just diagnosed with Gilbert’s syndrome so I am trying to piece everything together. I have done 23andme before. How do I see if I have the genetic polymorphism? Thanks!

    • Hi Anna, you need to upload your 23andme raw data to any of the analyser apps, such as and look for UGT snp. Feel free to reach out if you need help managing your conditions. cheers

      • Hey Maria,
        my billirubin level is at 2.3 mg/dl. I suffer from nausea, vomiting in the morning and diarrhea.
        All of these symptoms come with anxiety, panic attacks and moodswings.
        Is it important to take zinc sulfate? ( i dort find and in germany) or is any kind of zinc good.
        Maybe one consultant Session could be helpful.

        • Hi Simon,
          yes as per my blog zinc sulfate is a good start. More than happy to go through your case in detail, please book in a consult online on the homepage. Pls note time difference,

  4. Mam…i have lots of problm ….in 2017 doctor told me you have gilbert syndrome after that …my life becomes hell now i have lots of problm…like appetite weakness no feeling well anytime…brain issue lot of brain fog concentration problm…feel like the brain is not with me ….you are one who can help for ..all doctor said its harmless disease bt i dnt thik so plz help me what to eat what to do …it will with me life long or what mam or it will cure ??

  5. Hi,
    Where are you located? How does one take an appointment? What are your charges?

    Laxmi Maneklal

  6. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge it has been very helpful.

    I have been diagnosed with Gilberts, however, i have also always had high GGT, AST, ALT liver readings. I have had every test done and ruled out all typed of problemd that cause liver damage.

    Do you think there is a correlation between these high readings and Gilberts? I have recently started taking Cal-D-Clucarate and it will be inetersting to see if all readings come down not just bilirubiun.

    • Hi Colin, yes there is most likely a correlation and your liver could be trying to fight off a viral infection or deal with toxins.

  7. Hey Maria,

    Thank you for this article it has been very helpful! I have done a DNA test on FTDNA (for ancestry purposes) I was wondering if you knew how I could order the UGT1A1 SNP from this site? I searched and search with no luck.

    Also from time to time (once a year it seems) I become very tired and depressed it seems, I have foggy brain and when I move my head it feels like it’s moving a lot more than it actually is. Is this something that is associated with Gilbert’s? My doctor thinks it’s vertigo…

    • Hi Aaron, the best way is to order gene profile and run it through the app, then you will see the UGT snp. Sorry i can’t comment on any symptoms without understanding your whole case.

    • Hi Maria, excellent article, thank you! Myself and my twin have Gilbert’s, inherited from my father and his father. Do you think Gilbert’s can appear in a baby? My 9 month olds skin can appear yellow but her eyes are white (no jaundice at birth) and I’m wondering if she has inherited this, she has a negative blood type just like me (my other children do not). We’ve had issues with her being an ‘irritable’ baby and her sleep has been terrible. I’m wondering if this is could be effecting her? Thanks so much, Melissa

      • Hi Melissa, because Gilbert’s is genetically inherited that means that we are born with it, so yes your baby could have it. The only sure way to know is to do a saliva based gene test like to confirm UGT SNPs. There are numerous factors that affect babies’ sleep, it would be impossible to know if this is a factor.

        • I am interested in an online consultation with Dr. Maria but I do not know English. Do you know Spanish to be able to consult me?

          • Hi Marina, sorry i don’t speak Spanish, my only language other than English is Russian.

  8. This article helps me to cheer a bit as i am diagnosed with GS for quiet a some time now and my bilirubin fluctuates between (3-6 mg/dl). Recently i have been diagnosed with gall stone of approx 9mm. Is it risky to operate on gallstone if you have gilbert syndorme? what affects could it bring if gall bladder is removed of a person with gilbert syndrome, hope one can manage. Any suggestions would be grateful.

  9. Hi Maria – wow, this article was a godsend!! I was diagnosed 25 years ago and, after the initial diagnosis when I was very jaundiced with very high bilirubin, I have not had significant issues. My physicals always show bilirubin on the very upper level or just above it (1.1-1.2 here in the U.S.). For the past couple of weeks, I have had sudden onset of very slow gastric emptying, it feels like food is just sitting in my upper stomach…all day long! Also migraine, some nausea and extreme anxiety/panic. Just got my blood results this morning and everything was fine except my bilirubin which is at 1.6 (it hasn’t been that high in 10 years probably). Then I happened upon your article and it explains so much!! I never knew that slow gastric emptying is common for GS. For a long time, I took both Ca-D Glucarate and Avmacol sulforaphane but ran out of both a couple of months ago and never re-ordered. Well, I’ll never make that mistake again! 🙂

    Thank you so much for this excellent overview!
    Irena 🙂

    • Hi Irena,
      Thanks for your feedback, glad you are managing your condition ok. Ca D Glucarate is essential.

      • Maria – what is the science behind the connection bw. GS and slow gastric emptying? I am only able to find one small study done on rats. I am very curious about this as I have felt exactly what you wrote “Slower intestinal motility… and ‘that heavy feeling in the stomach as if food sits there like a brick for hours’” for two weeks now. I feel full all the time, though forcing myself to eat, as I do not want to lose weight. As I mentioned, I got the billirubin result the other day of 1.6 (higher than it’s been in a few years). So I would really like to understand the connection. Thank you!

        • Also to mention, it was an extensive bloodwork panel and everything else was completely normal, only elevated bilirubin. Also had an abdominal ultrasound which was clear.

  10. Thank you,

    I have felt so alone in a struggle with Gilberts that is constantly ignored as ‘benign’. No Hospital, doctor or health care practitioner seems to care or be concerned and one is left confused, misunderstood, or accused of an eating disorder in my experience.

    I appreciate someone else witness to anecdotal evidence and symptoms … i still feel unsure of where to find help.

  11. This is very interesting. Maria do you have Gilbert’s Syndrome yourself (did you write this article). Thank you. Debbie

  12. Hi Maria
    I v’got a question regarding Gilbert and everything in regard to high bilirubin levels.

    My levels of bilirubin are high they going from 24-34-56-67-15-34 as you can see there is a lot up and down
    My food is good but not enough to fix the problem

    In the past before having high levels of bilirubin i got infected from HPV virus from my ex partner,…and even now days i’m dealing with some of those symptoms around my body.

    When i had gallbladder out, liver had to small spots just like HPV from pictures ,..even though MRCP and ultrasound can’t detect them.
    Obviously you know what is my question,..could this HPV an detected virus compromise cells in the liver,.and making people thinking they v’got a syndrome, fact it’s something else hidden
    I seen many people profile who have Gilbert or high bilirubin levels,..and a lot of them v’got HPV spots in there face

    We know jaundice or high levels of bilirubin is underlying cause ,..if that is the case , than HPV it’s very likely to interfere with a lot of organs,..this infection could be by blood stream and by accident
    I really wanted to get un honest answer,…what do you think,..and could this fungal bacterial virus be the root of the problem and not the ghost Gilbert syndrome.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to make any personal recommendations without assessing your case. Feel free to book in a consultation, thx

  13. Thanks for this article. A lot of information…I’ll need some time to digest it :-DD.
    I’ve been diagnosed from Gilbert’s syndrome and what I’ve always complained about is muscle weaknesses and certain brain confussion, specially after fasting or sugar\fatty intakes.
    I’ve discovered that vitamins supplements make a great difference. When I take them I feel much (MUCH) better. Beer yeast is very helpful to me as well (I guess it’s due to Zinc). I’m worried about fat-soluble vitamins. Do you think I could damage my liver with a daily pill of vitamins?
    Thank you

  14. Hello, Maria:
    Thank you very much for this information… It’ll take a while for me to digest it :-DD
    Now, seriously: I’ve been diagnosed from GS. Although the doctor says that it’s just a non-harmful condition I experiment symptoms of muscle weakness and brain confusion. I started to take Vitamins and they made a lot (A LOT) of difference. I have also fell a more energetic state and a clearer mind when I take beer yeast (after reading your article, I guess it’s for the zinc in it, although I tried it for the Chromium).
    My concern is about the fat-soluble vitamins. Do you think I can damage my liver if I take a vitamins pill per day? I have a very, very healthy diet but even so, I can only have a normal life if I take vitamins.
    Unfortunately, I live right on the opposite side of the globe and my English is far from being usable for a consultation, so I’d really appreciate if you can reply here.
    Anyhow, thanks again for your time writing this article and sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Carlos,
      thx for your message. Fat soluble vitamins cannot ‘damage’ the liver, it’s just a matter of how well they are being absorbed. I do skype consults internationally if you decide, cheers

  15. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for this article, huge help!
    I’ve been finally diagnosed with GS last year through genetic test.
    I’ve completely changed my eating habits and trying to avoid everything that may be harmful.
    I do however still experiencing quite high anxiety..
    I don’t really want to take any chemicals for that like propranolol and so on and I was wondering if you have any thought/experience with CBD oil? Help much appreciated! Best JJ

    • Hi Joanna,
      thanks a lot for your comments. Sorry i don’t prescribe CBD oil so don’t have experience with it. There are plenty of natural solutions for anxiety involving nutrients and gut repair, feel free to reach out for a consult when you are ready, cheers

  16. Hi,
    In period of 6 months I have given 3 times very high levels of bilirubin/total 1st time 49 n/mol 2nd time 52 and 3d time 59 n/mol/ and direct bilirubin levels around 17-20 n/mol
    Everything else as AST ALT and all liver biochemistry enzyms were at a normal levels, I also had no other bad results in the rest of the blood test …my gastro tels me that I have GS and have to live with it…in the first place when i went to doctor I went because I had symptoms like stomach pain in right area under the liver but after all these visit by doctor /3-4 times already/ I couldn’t understand why sudenly from nowhere I had to feel pain in my lower back and symptoms more likely to lumbago or like pinched nerve or similar and I am start to think is it related somehow with GS, because last 2 months it is almost all the time pain in lower back and now I am afraid to use NSAIDS and use Ice or Heat compression, but in hospital told me that back pain is common and not related with bilirubinemea, but why now, why after I get started feeling pain first in the abdomen right and after i noticed the high bilirubin?

    • Hello, thanks for your comment. It’s very difficult to know the source of abdominal pain without further investigation. I recommend evaluating your diet and stress levels and addressing that to see if the pain will go. I now have an online program that will help with this:
      kind regards

  17. HI Maria — great article! I just came to it via Rachel Arthur who posted today on GS and so I did a search. I realise you can’t comment on personal situations but is it possible to have GS without high bilirubin if all the other symptoms are present? On Ancestry there are 9 UGT1A1 genes. If there are several that are heterozygous is that an indicator or is there a specific one you look at and must it be homozygous? Would a positive pyroles test and a liver functioning test, showing the glucuronidation pathway not working effectively be strong indicators? Thanks.

    • Hi Miranda, thanks for your feedback. Yes, if there are no major issues billirubin can appear normal, in fact it can be normal in childhood until something ‘sets it off’. I would take several heterozygous SNPs to be strongly indicative of GS. Even though there is no proven relationship between pyrroles and GS, I do anecdotally see it in clinic together a lot. So need to look at all the pieces of the puzzle, cheers

  18. Hi, thanks for the article , just curious, can GS cause any permanent damage to the brain?

    • Yes it can if big enough quantities and long duration. That’s why jaundiced babies are given light treatment until cleared

      • Thanks, not sure what to do as I was diagnosed with this last year but show close to no symptoms, I have mild brain fog and that’s about it

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