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The ONLY complete guide to understanding and managing Gilbert’s Syndrome with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle management as well as functional medicine tests to help you thrive with Gilbert’s by Maria Allerton- Clinical Nutritionist/Functional Medicine Practitioner/born with Gilbert’s Syndrome 

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People with Gilbert’s Syndrome are usually told by medical professionals their condition is ‘benign’, ‘nothing to worry about’, ‘has nothing to do with your symptoms’. Nothing can be further from the truth. As a person with Gilbert’s myself, I have struggled with gut issues, mental health conditions and hormonal imbalances most of my life until I studied nutritional medicine and began addressing my Gilbert’s syndrome head on. Now I work with thousands of clients from across the world via Zoom to help them live a full and healthy life despite this genetic glitch. In this course, I’ll share with you everything I know about Gilbert’s (complete with current scientific papers) as well as my detailed nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you thrive.



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All of Your Gilbert’s Syndrome Questions Answered!

This course is designed for both people with Gilbert’s as well as Physicians/MDs, Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists, Nutritionists and Naturopaths and other complementary health practitioners.

This course is thoroughly researched and referenced using the latest scientific evidence about Gilbert’s and everything related to it, as well as Maria’s extensive clinical experience treating thousands of Gilbert’s patients.

  • Over 60 research papers reviewed and translated into practical recommendations (all references in course)
  • Over 2 years of research and course creation time
  • Over 10 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients

All synthesized into the most comprehensive resource on Gilbert’s available today.

What’s in the Living with Gilbert’s Online Course?

Scientifically Researched and Clinically Tested Information on Gilbert’s!

  • My course is a complete guide to Living with Gilbert’s Syndrome for the patients, their families, and their healthcare providers
  • Fully researched with over 60 scientific article references on every aspect of this condition and full of my clinical insights having treated thousands of Gilbert’s patients
  • 10 Lessons and over 5 hours of recording time:
    • Complete supplement guide
    • Healing foods, nutrition and lifestyle guide
    • Recipes
    • Functional medicine testing explanations and examples
    • Gilbert’s and the Gut
    • Gilbert’s and the Brain
    • Gilbert’s and Hormones
    • All about bilirubin
    • Interpreting blood and gene tests
    • Understand what your symptoms mean and how to address them
    • For practitioners: understand how to diagnose and address all aspects of Gilbert’s
  • Information that’s easy to understand for those living with Gilbert’s and at the same time completely relevant to health practitioners, both allopathic and complementary

Course Participants’ Testimonials

living with gilberts syndrome online course testimonial from true foods nutrition
gilberts syndrome online program with true foods nutrition

“Maria Allerton’s online course is the absolute best resource for those like myself who suffer from Gilbert’s Syndrome. Like most others, I was by told by my doctors that this condition is harmless and nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, I’ve been struggling with issues for years that, until recently, I had no clue were caused by Gilbert’s. Thankfully, I decided to start doing my own research on Gilbert’s and stumbled upon Maria’s podcast. I was so happy to have finally found someone with a vast amount of knowledge about the condition, and I immediately began following her Instagram page.
When she announced that she would be offering an online course, I knew I had to take it. The course provides you with detailed information about the condition itself, as well as recommendations for important testing, specific supplements, and beneficial foods. I now have a much better understanding of Gilbert’s and feel empowered by the knowledge I have gained. Above all, I feel validated in knowing that all these seemingly disconnected symptoms I’ve been experiencing have a root cause.” ~ Melissa Hamel, USA

“I just finished your course, and I’m so grateful to have learned all that information and more. For 15 years, doctors have made me feel crazy, and it’s nice to have my symptoms validated finally.” – A. Aldama

“I’ve just completed the Living with Gilbert’s Syndrome Course. It is extremely informative, and I’d say it’s a must read for those struggling with Gilbert’s. This will set you on the right path to wellness, and it’s something you can keep referring back to. 100% worth the investment! Thank you Maria!” ~ Emma Fletcher, UK

“After learning of my son’s Gilbert’s diagnosis, I quickly learned that his medical Dr and even the internet wouldn’t provide us with much useful information. It wasn’t until coming across Maria’s website that I realized how much there was to learn. This Gilbert’s course has been an invaluable wealth of information that cannot be found from a quick Google search or a trip to the Dr. Going into great depths about the details of the genetics of Gilbert’s and the many ways it can affect general and especially mental health has given us a much greater understanding of what’s going on with our son. With the practical tips provided, I feel more confident in mitigating the challenges of this condition.” ~ Jordan Houghton, USA

“The living with Gilbert’s syndrome course was recommended to me by my Naturopath to help me fully understand the impact of Gilbert’s syndrome on my life. I’m so grateful that I did the course as it gave me so much knowledge and understanding and it explained what I had been experiencing physically and emotionally. I just wish I’d known about it about 9 years ago!! I’ve got my new diet underway and have started a vitamin protocol based on the information in the course. I’m excited to see how good I can feel in my body. Thank you so much!” ~Michelle M, Australia

“Thank you for the Gilbert’s course. It’s a great resource to use to explain the condition to others and it’s so thorough and made simple for everyone to understand”, T. Gates, USA

“Amazing course. Professional, well explained and illuminating! Finally, I know where to start to understand my body-mind particularities. Thank you for your job!!”~ Lara Battaglia

“Years ago, I was told by my family Dr that I had Gilbert’s syndrome and that it was benign and absolutely nothing to worry about, but it wasn’t until recently that I began wondering if it could actually be contributing to my chronic health issues.

As I began researching, it became clear that information on this subject was scarce, and trying to put the pieces together myself was becoming frustrating and overwhelming.

Thankfully I stumbled across Maria’s course on Gilbert’s and am so thankful that I did!

She concisely breaks down what Gilbert’s is, how it affects the different systems and processes in the body and the diet, lifestyle, and supplements that will help get your body back to running as it should. I can’t believe that Drs dismiss this condition as benign!

Since I’ve been implementing Maria’s suggestions, I feel drastically different (better), and I finally understand where my body needs extra support and WHY it’s been struggling for so long! If you have Gilbert’s, you absolutely need this information, and this course is the only (as far as I know) consolidated source on this subject. Very thankful that Maria took the time to put this together!” ~ S. Regan

“I just finished the online course about managing Gilberts Syndrome by Maria Allerton with True Foods Nutrition. I was diagnosed this past month and confirmed with DNA test) after a baffling year of trying to figure out what the heck was happening to me. The online classes were easy to follow while extremely detailed and informative. They did not cost much at all especially considering how much money I’ve already wasted on clueless doctors, worthless supplements and misguided testing.

R Hale, USA

“Dear Maria,

Your clinical expertise and scholarly research in the study of Gilbert’s Syndrome has been life-changing.  After a recent horrible experience with a medication, I remembered that 15 years ago, I was told that I had Gilbert’s Syndrome, but not to worry, that it was a benign condition.   I started researching to see what the current medical view was. There did not appear to be any change in the thinking of conventional doctors. Then I listened to your interview on an FX Medicine podcast, and knew that I had stumbled upon the first medical professional in my life who had answers for my intermittent health issues. You were truly a beacon.  It all made so much sense and matched my experiences since puberty.  I went on to confirm my diagnosis through 23 and Me, and found I have 3 homozygous SNPs on UGT1A1 and am homozygous for the MTHFR SNP as well.  I read your blogs and was so pleased to learn that you now offer a 10 hour course on Gilbert’s Syndrome, which I devoured, and will regularly consult. I highly recommend it and feel that the cost was minimal when compared to the extremely high degree of benefit.

I have been eating quite well and exercising for decades, but that alone did not solve problems with constipation, depression, sleep issues, and inability to tolerate most medications. My attempts to take birth control pills decades ago was a disaster, bio-identical hormone therapy after a hysterectomy led to blood tests that revealed an inordinately high level of estrogen my body didn’t clear. Thyroid medication worked for about a week before I felt worse.  I thought I had a heart attack during a stretch of work stress and skipped meals, and the only finding was high bilirubin, and it was chalked up to indigestion.  I have had stretches of extreme fatigue and hypersensitivity to molds. I do not tolerate gluten or dairy well. The diet and supplements you suggest have been wonderful, particularly Calcium d’Glutarate to support glucuronidation and Bifida strain probiotics to heal the imbalance of gut strains. I also rest easy knowing you are available for consults as needed for myself, my children, and my grandchildren.

I also want to say, in regards to the family indicators you identify, that  I see my mother’s challenges with depression and alcoholism in her menopausal years and my father’s death from a toxin-related cancer in his 40s differently now.  These things are possibly related to their genetics and detoxification difficulties, and thus their hurdles to health were never addressed.  I also have a daughter who had high bilirubin findings as a teen in extreme pain, ruled unimportant by the doctors in the ER.  She later had to have her gallbladder removed at age 28.  All of these issues were layered over a family who appeared to be in perfect health and doctors who provided few explanations for problems.

You have given me a new lens to view my own and my family’s health and how best to support my body and stay healthy.  I am truly grateful for your intellectual skills, courage, and stamina in taking on this dangerous misconception among conventionally trained doctors.  Gilbert’s is definitely not a benign condition for me.

Thank you, Maria.”

Sue Hawkins, USA

Who Is Living with Gilbert’s Syndrome For:

Whether you or a family member have been diagnosed with Gilbert’s or suspect you have it due to elevated bilirubin levels or are struggling with diverse symptoms, you will probably relate to many of the following:

  • Yellowing of skin/eyes –jaundice that is very noticeable (this is not a defining feature of Gilbert’s)
  • Bilirubin elevated on blood tests
  • Feeling of nausea after eating fatty foods
  • Bowel movements are all over the place regardless of whether you eat the same foods
  • Constipation or loose stools are very common
  • Female hormonal problems: heavy bleeding (often from a young age), shorter cycles, blood clots, severe premenstrual mood issues, poor reaction to oral contraceptives
  • Gallbladder removal or parents/grandparents had gallbladder issues or had it removed
  • Gallstones or gallbladder sludge
  • Itchy skin without a rash
  • Morning nausea and poor appetite
  • Struggle to digest fats particularly dairy
  • Mood issues (diagnosed or not) such as depression and/or anxiety or ADHD
  • Tolerance of alcohol is very poor or completely can’t tolerate alcohol
  • Everything got worse during puberty and/or in your 20s (after lots of drinking and partying)
  • Have sleep issues
  • FATIGUE- ongoing and unrelenting
  • Food sensitivity reactions
  • Dyspepsia, abdominal pain …….and often other symptoms

About Maria Allerton

I have been in clinical practice in Sydney, Australia since 2013 and consult clients from all countries around the world via Zoom. I have Gilbert’s syndrome and have been on a mission to put together the best resources for this condition in the world.

I have extensive clinical experience addressing complicated cases of Gilbert’s syndrome as well as other genetic gut disorders through dietary strategies, Functional medicine testing and treatment of functional gut imbalances, mental health, hormonal imbalances, detoxification and nutrient deficiencies.

You can read more about my qualifications and health journey here: Maria Allerton Clinical & Sydney Nutritionist | True Foods Nutrition

If you need personalised treatment and would like to consult with Maria or one of her team, head over to make a booking here: Nutritionist Online Bookings | True Foods Nutrition Australia

maria allerton living with gilberts disease online course from true foods nutrition

Whether you are a person with Gilbert’s, have a family member with Gilbert’s or are a health practitioner who sees patients with the condition, this course will provide a complete and thorough understanding of Gilbert’s and practical nutrition, lifestyle and supplement strategies you can use every day to achieve optimal health.

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