Hair Mineral Analysis Course for Health Practitioners

This course is designed to make Hair Mineral Analysis an integral part of your clinic practice.

Take this course to get a level of proficiency in understanding HTMA results that will allow you to learn how to get at least 10 fundamental insights into your clients’ health by taking a 2 minute look at a hair analysis chart.

When you choose your Hair Mineral Analysis training, it’s important to know it’s coming from a knowledgeable and experienced source.

Having conducted thousands of HTMAs since starting clinical practice in 2013, I am here to share my knowledge of hair analysis with you through numerous case studies and teach you the Art of HTMA.

Much of the material in this course is sourced from other experts – I credit them all in the references section of the course. Legends such as Dr Watts, Ph.D, Dr Eck and Dr Wilson – the founding fathers of HTMA are the true teachers.

I am here to teach you a course that is based on clinical examples and PROVEN TREATMENT PROTOCOLS that I regularly use in clinic, having successfully applied their foundational knowledge.

This course will show you how to use HTMA as a key part of resolving your patients’ health conditions. Delving beyond the obvious ‘what’s high and what’s low’ of minerals, we will learn how to determine the root causes of health dysfunction.

Inside the Hair Mineral Analysis Course you’ll find…

Over 7 hours of video content plus all PDF notes for each module


Introduction to HTMA, explaining HTMA to patients and Understanding Metabolic Types and Important Ratios in detail


Mental Health with HTMA: Understanding Copper Dysregulation, Pyroluria, Anxiety, Bi-polar disorder- detailed explanations, case studies and treatment strategies


Heavy metal toxicity- 2 detailed sections covering each of the key toxic metals- the impacts they have, how to identify them correctly and treatment strategies


Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction and the Calcium Shell: identifying thyroid and adrenal dysregulation on HTMA and addressing it in a variety of cases


Autism spectrum disorders and Children’s Developmental Disorders: ASD, learning difficulties, PANDAS, sensory processing disorders, behavioural disorders in kids


Glucose dysregulation and hypoglycemia: using HTMA to identify and address these with nutrition and supplementation. Includes all information on Chromium and Vanadium.


Other important minerals and patterns: Selenium, Molybdenum, Manganese, Cobalt, Boron, Lithium

Bonus Materials and Resources

The business of HTMA: how to achieve clinic success with HTMA
Clinic Resources and Reference/Reading List
My Podcasts and Mentoring

Who Is This Hair Mineral Analysis Course For?

You will find this course essential if you are in a complimentary health practice and are able to prescribe vitamins and minerals in order to address your patient’s health issues.

If you are in a modality that addresses the stress response and emotional health, you will be able to use hair mineral analysis to understand your patient’s mental/emotional health and treat within your modality accordingly.

You will love the HTMA course if you are a:

  • Nutritionist or Dietician
  • Naturopath or Herbalist
  • Integrative doctor
  • Chiropractor
  • Psychologist
  • or other health practitioner
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Why use Hair Mineral Analysis in your clinic?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) tests show changes in the body’s physiology much earlier than blood tests can

Understanding the minerals patterns helps us understand the patient’s stress levels/adrenal function, thyroid function, mental health and mood, immune system, blood glucose regulation and heavy metal toxicity plus much more

HTMA ensures high levels of compliance from patients as they can quickly see the changes in their health from targeted nutritional balancing programs devised from HTMA. Repeat testing provides excellent visual feedback on their efforts

HTMA shows us dysfunction when all bloods look ‘normal’

Prescriptions can be much more individualized and targeted

Why Choose Maria’s Hair Mineral Analysis Course?

  • Course material is appropriate for all levels: from beginners to advanced
  • Course is structured based on the most common conditions we see in clinical practice with practical treatment guides and protocols
  • No boring theory and calculations: learn how to get the information you need to treat your clients in seconds
  • Unbiased information, not affiliated with any testing company or supplement brands.
  • I share my tried and tested protocols for treatment based on ingredients, not specific brands- so you can tailor treatment with your favourite products anywhere in the world
  • I’ve completed thousands of HTMA tests since starting practice in 2013, with very diverse clients. I’m a Nutritionist who doesn’t ‘specialise’ or ‘niche’ in any particular area, so I see a very broad range of conditions in clinic
  • I’m passionate about HTMA and regularly do talks and mentoring on this test. Here is a LINK to an FX Medicine podcast I’ve recorded recently.
  • I’ve set up a Facebook practitioner support group exclusively focused on HTMA where you can ask questions and share cases. You can find it HERE, if you are a practitioner, feel free to join even if you are not ready to do this training course as yet.
  • I’ve mentored and trained several Australian Naturopaths and Nutritionists in HTMA interpretation and helped them successfully integrate this test into their clinic work
  • I’ve set up my Nutrition clinic in 2013 from scratch and now have a multi-6-figure practice, working part-time, 90% online with Australian and international clients and a long waiting list. Integrating my previous training as a consumer goods marketer has been helpful in creating business success within the field of Nutritional medicine and I will help guide you through integrating HTMA into your business strategy as well as treatment strategy within this course.
pam murphy

“Thank you so much for putting this course together Maria, it was awesome. I loved application of food and nutrient strategies to help treat some of the conditions we commonly see as Practitioners. It really helped to draw it all together. Very much appreciate your wisdom and sharing of your knowledge! Highly recommend it!”

Pam Murphy, Naturopath

“I have been using the HTMA in clinic for just over a year now with great results, however, since completing the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Practitioners course I feel that I have received additional insights that will allow me to have the clarity and confidence I need to be able to use this test to its full potential.

After completing this course I can see how the HTMA can be one of the most valuable clinical tools to help uncover what is happening on a deeper level.

Maria has presented the information in a clear, easy to understand manner. She has been incredibly generous with the amount of knowledge she has shared and I will continue to get value from this course as I use HTMA in clinic more and more.

Throughout the course, Maria has shared how to interpret the results based on your patients presenting issues and how to determine if a mineral excess is a true excess or a loss. I also found the information and “cheat sheets” on the key characteristics of the metabolic types to be very helpful.

Maria has shared several detailed treatment protocols and how to tailor these protocols to your patients individual needs. In addition to this I now feel more confident in my ability to detect “hidden” heavy metal toxicity and how to assist patients in detoxing these toxicities gently and safely.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I highly recommend this to any practitioner who is already using HTMA in clinic or to any practitioner that is looking to add HTMA to their toolbox.

Thank you Maria for creating this course, I will look forward to what you have to share in the future”

Christina Ettore, Naturopath, South Australia

maria shaflender - HTMA Course
Deb Perry Naturopath

“I just wanted to commend you on your HTMA course content. The information was well-explained, concise and will be very useful in reviewing HTMA results for my clients. Thank you for your efforts and willingness to share your knowledge and treatment protocols”

Deb Perry, Naturopath

Hair Mineral Analysis Course for Health Practitioners

This Hair Mineral Analysis training course was developed by Maria Shaflender, Clinical Nutritionist after conducting thousands of hair analysis tests and studying the method extensively with several local and overseas mentors since 2013. It includes:

Training on HTMA basics and theory based on learnings from the founders of HTMA

7 modules of instructional videos covering key conditions presenting in clinic

Over 7 hours of recorded training sessions (7 CPE points) and all PDF notes of the video recordings

Detailed case studies, diverse examples of all aspects of HTMA

The business of HTMA: integrate this tool into your clinical practice for exponential growth

Private Facebook Group for support from Maria and fellow practitioners and online course portal to access training materials from anywhere, anytime!


melanie kulkarni
I'd like to thank you for your training course which I have now completed. It represents a huge amount of work! I really enjoyed going through it at my own pace. The information is clearly presented in easily digestible chunks and having access to it for life means a lot, since I know I will want to go back into certain areas again. It's also great to have your support in the Facebook group. Thank you so much.
Melanie Kulkarni, Naturopath and Nutritionist, Singapore
Robyn Millar
Thank you for your training course Maria, I have just finished it. so much valuable interpretive information. I have been using HTMA sporadically for years, but knew I wasn't getting the most out of the tests. Your training course has given me the confidence to to interpret the results and look deeper. I particularly love the resources references. I have them printed out and refer to them with each result. It has cleared up some of my concerns with interpreting toxicity / excess with excreting some of the essential the info on Ratios too. Thank you.
Robyn Millar
Leanne Pratt
I just wanted to message you about your HTMA course and just how grateful I am to you for putting it together. I have just spent the last three days in a row going through all the modules almost non-stop and it is a truly amazing course. I have tried to do HTMA in the past, going to seminars and trying to get answers to reports I ran. But it was never explained clearly and I was left with too many questions and nowhere to go to get answers. I gave up on it for many years, but I always loved the concept. So I jumped at your course when you released it. I have LOVED IT! I am finally clear on it all - massive lightbulb moments. I understand ratios finally! 😉 You explain it all so well! I was literally in tears this afternoon going through some of the modules, as all of a sudden I understood that the answers to my son's and my health have been there in front of me all along, I just didn't know how to interpret it. I have such a renewed excitement for the HTMA and it's power and will be using it as much as I can going forward. I specialise in chronically fatigued women and I can see how valuable it will be. Thanks again Maria for your course and the support you give on the Facebook page.
Leanne Pratt
Since completing the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Practitioners course I feel that I have received additional insights that will allow me to have the clarity and confidence I need to be able to use this test to its full potential. After completing this course I can see how the HTMA can be one of the most valuable clinical tools to help uncover what is happening on a deeper level.
Christina Ettore
Yo Chan
I was so intimidated with HTMA but had a keen interest to learn about it. Highly recommend doing this course & have been waiting for months for it!!! Easy to follow and understand. And you get to go at your own pace too!! You can access the information whenever you need as a refresher or continuous learning. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks again Maria! Was worth the wait.
Yo Chan, Nutritionist, Sydney

I have built a multi SIX FIGURE ONLINE practice using HTMA as a cornerstone of my clinic success and so can YOU!

Get all the information you need to become an expert user of HTMA and transform your clinical practice

Your Investment: AUD $399 (Inc GST)

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