Understanding Gilbert's Syndrome

Understanding Gilbert’s Syndrome

In this episode, I talk with Fx Medicine in-depth about Gilbert’s syndrome, speaking both from vast clinical experience and personal perspectives. I discuss some of the subtle symptoms of the condition, the connections between Gilbert’s and pyroluria, why patients need to be careful when taking medications, as well as my preferred dietary and supplement interventions.

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Unravelling Complex Cases of IBS

In this episode I discuss a variety of contributing factors and treatment options for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), including the challenges of getting an IBS diagnosis, how antibiotics can contribute, the importance of testing during treatment, and how things like hypnotherapy and nutrition together can reduce symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life.

the humanely podcast episode 16

In this podcast I discuss the application of hair mineral analysis in clinical practice, how I use it to gain a better insight into my patient’s overall health. I also talk about why this test is such a powerful tool for clinicians to utilise in their practice.

The Science of Psychotherapy

The Science of Psychotherapy Podcast Maria Allerton talks about nutrition for mental health and well-being.

In this podcast I chat with Andrew Whitfield-Cook from Fx Medicine about hair mineral analysis and how I use it as part of my standard consultation and assessment process.

I share the value I find in using hair mineral analysis as a clinical tool to craft individualised treatment plans for a range of conditions from thyroid disorders, children’s health, mental health and toxicity.

I use specific patient cases to illustrate how and why I find hair mineral analysis so crucial in helping my clients achieve wellness.

In this podcast, I chat with Naturopath Jade Walker from Jade Walker Way about detoxification. In particular, we talk about:

  • the science behind liver detoxification
  • the 3 different detox pathways of Estrogen that are influenced by genetics, that can be influenced by supplementation
  • heavy metals and hair tissue mineral analysis
  • the best test for hormonal health (DUTCH)
  • Pyrrole disorder
  • how nutrient therapy could be the key to reversing life-long mental health conditions
  • how to look for signs and symptoms of over- and under-methylation
  • how low dopamine can sometimes be the reason for high achievement
  • how important it is for women to detox before pregnancy

In this podcast I cover these key areas:

  1. Review of the importance of magnesium for mental health and look at how magnesium deficiency can be a fundamental driver of many mood disorders.
  2. Explore the inter-relationship between magnesium and calcium, and how magnesium deficiency and/or calcium excess is connected to anxiety, stress, mental rigidity, and emotional inflexibility.
  3. Discuss the benefits of using hair mineral analysis in clinical practice for assessment of mineral status – including common patterns of mineral imbalance seen in patients with mood disorders.

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