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Gut Tests – What You Need to Know to Heal Your Gut


About Maria from True Foods Nutrition

Maria Allerton is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist who runs a busy Health Clinic in Sydney. Maria uses a functional medicine approach to find the real causes of illness. She is a firm believer in the principle of ‘food as medicine’ and focuses on diet, nutrients and lifestyle when addressing the conditions of her patients.

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  1. […] It was interfering with my digestive health. […]

  2. […] When your stomach acid is reduced due to poor nutrient status and stress, the food is not properly broken down before it enters the small intestine and signals the liver to release bile. Undigested food changes the subsequent steps in the liver/bile production and release and over time leads to conditions such as leaky gut and SIBO which slow the metabolism and nutrient absorption even further. More about that HERE. […]

  3. Karen Love says:

    Hi there
    Love this article and is perfectly timed as my 16yr old daughter has just been diagnosed celiac. We are seeing a gastroenterologist tomorrow, I am assuming an endoscopy will be requested but after reading this article is that the usual process? I am thinking I should come and see you as this is a whole new world to me.
    Thanks again

    • Maria says:

      Thanks Karen. Yes they will do an endoscopy and you will be told to just stop eating gluten. There is however a lot of other things that need to be done in order to make sure she will be absorbing her nutrients. Nutrient levels testing with blood and hair, gut repair (nobody tells people with celiac they need to actually repair the damage- giving up gluten is not enough). So yes when you are ready give me a call (I also do skype consults). Cheers

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