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Darlia Brunt

Specialising in immune support, chronic viral illness and Long COVID as well as digestive and circulatory conditions.

Darlia Brunt, Herbalist and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Specialist

Darlia is a highly experienced herbalist and iridologist who creates individualised herbal, tea and essential oil mixes to help her clients reach optimal health. She utilises iridology and hair mineral analysis as tools to direct the herbs she uses and specialises in respiratory, digestive and circulatory conditions.

Darlia successfully addresses viral and post-viral illnesses, including Long Covid, EBV and their side effects, such as peri/myocarditis.


Darlia is a Herbalist and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with qualifications in:

  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Therapeutics.
  • Certified member of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).
  • Bachelor of music education
  • Certificate of Aromatherapy
  • Certificate of Iridology

“I’ve started seeing Darlia as an alternative to normal medicine for health maintenance, and has been great. Also, I got a very bad sore throat infection which I believed would not be possible to heal without medicines, however, I trusted in the power of nature and Darlia’s fantastic knowledge, then was able to completely heal it and plus level up my well being without side effects of common drugs.


– G. Corachini

“Darlia is truly amazing. I started taking my elderly mum to see Darlia due to her reoccurring urinary tract infections. She had been operated on and still had issues regularly.

After a few months my mums symptoms would subside and then flare up less regularly.

Darlia went above and beyond to help my mum and its been over a month now and my mum feels like she is finally back to normal.

Dalia has also been helping to get my mums minerals and vitamin levels in her body corrected and this has given my mum a great deal of energy and has her living at her optimum levels.

We are forever greatful for finding Darlia and having her heal my mum.”

– N. Andrade

“Darlia goes over and above for her clients. My family and I have been truly blessed with good health as a result of Darlia’s herb mixtures, recommendations and advice.

I recommend her service to absolutely everyone. Must get the whole family to see her, guarantee you, you’ll finally know what ongoing/ long-term optimum health is all about.”

– M. Havea