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Understanding Food Intolerances


About Maria from True Foods Nutrition

Maria Allerton is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist who runs a busy Health Clinic in Sydney. Maria uses a functional medicine approach to find the real causes of illness. She is a firm believer in the principle of ‘food as medicine’ and focuses on diet, nutrients and lifestyle when addressing the conditions of her patients.

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  1. megan says:

    Hi Maria,
    Like Andrew I would like to know where to begin to find out my daughter’s possible food intolerances. I live in Mt Helena Western Australia


  2. Andrew says:

    So what’s the first port of call for testing, GP or Naturopath ?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Andrew,
      GPs don’t test for intolerances I’m afraid, although you can get Total IgA and IgG (as well as IgE) through a GP to see if the total numbers are elevated, then dig deeper into individual foods with nutritionist/naturopath. I can recommend someone in your area if you send me an email through the contact page on the website.

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