Buckwheat- the amazing real food (and not a grain!)


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Maria is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist who runs a busy clinic in Sydney. Maria uses a functional medicine approach to find the real causes of illness. She is a firm believer in the principle of ‘food as medicine’ and focuses on diet, nutrients and lifestyle when addressing the conditions of her patients. Contact Maria for a free 15 min phone ‘strategy session’ today: 0466 802 058.

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  1. Thanks for this Maria – I’ve have a big bag of buckwheat staring at me in my pantry for the last month – had no idea what to do with it. Does it make for good baby porridge, should I activate it first … ?

  2. Great baby porridge! activate overnight then cook in bone broth for a long time until very soft for better digestion by baby- you can also blend it after cooking to make it super smooth and mix it with veggie purees or blended meat/chicken. Yummy baby food!

  3. Nice one Maria, spreading the word on my one exception “grain”. I soak mine for 2 days, with 1 water change. Then I dehydrate in my trusty old food dehydrator…one of the best purchases I ever made. Then mix it with activated nuts, and some coconut and cacao nibs; melt some FOS powder into some coconut oil and mix it all through then toast it very lightly on a tray in the oven. It makes a nice granola type of muesli, but I tend to use it as a post exercise snack, since I prefer hefty protein for breakfast.
    I have found sprouted buckwheat flour on a few occasions, a find this makes amazing sourdough pancakes…

  4. Yum, Thanks Alison. I make a very similar ‘muesli’, the kids love it. What’s FOS powder? Thx!

  5. Some say you should sprout it too, what do you think?

    • Yes, Heidi, sprouting is highly beneficial of course! I usually don’t have the patience for it, but it’s a great practice if you can get into it!

  6. Hello, can you activate buckwheat and after drying can you then turn into flour? Sorry new to all of this! Also activating soak overnight, dry for at least 12 hours?

    • Hi Charlotte, definitely. Make sure it’s very dry and then blend into flour. Soaking overnight is good, 24h is better. Drying time will depend on your dehydrator/oven, but it has to be done on low temp (60C) and at least 24h if you want to make flour as you can’t leave any moisture in. Hope that helps,


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