Scott Allerton

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Specialist

As an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Scott believes that we have all the resources within us that are needed to heal ourselves, although having someone that has walked the walk and undertaken the training needed to facilitate you in effecting the change is essential.

Scott approaches hypnosis and mindfulness in a very holistic fashion treating the head and the body as one integrated system. Making use of his hand-picked toolbox of modalities enables Scott to offer an effective way toward achieving his clients’ health goals of relief from stress, anxiety, pain, addiction and phobias.

Scott has had a personal journey with trauma, life-altering stressful events, anxiety, and gut problems. These events have led him to study with the best and utilise scientifically validated effective techniques such as hypnosis, mindfulness and stress reduction to overcome his health issues. Scott enables his clients to leave behind beliefs and mental states that are not serving them and triggering symptoms and develop new neural pathways to optimal health.

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Scott Allerton is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with qualifications in:

  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner
  • Mindfulness stress reduction teacher
  • Certificate 4 in Fatigue Management
  • Professional association: Australian Hypnotherapists Association
  • Registered Hypnotherapist with Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

Special Interest Areas

  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Excessive Stress and Nervous Tension
  • Anger Issues
  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  • Emotional Eating and Weight Loss
  • Gut Directed Hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness

“Scott is an amazing and patient master of his craft. I’ve been to a number of hypnotherapists and they don’t even come close to his skill set, his understanding of the brain/body connection and his genuine level of empathy and desire to help their clients. During my latest hypnotherapy session.. I had such a release of built up stress and associated trauma that I experienced huge shifts in my muscles that were holding the stress (jaw muscles) – the experience and the resulting breakthrough is nothing less than extraordinary!” – Lui Chaosillator

“I began to see Scott as part of wholistic approach to manage my Depression and Anxiety that are driven by Panic Attacks.   Scott is very empathic and totally understands how debilitating this condition can be.   The tools provided by Scott and the sessions have definitely assisted me on the path to recovery.” – Colin H

“Scott is an intuitive, gifted and attentive practitioner. His hypnotherapy sessions work to re-program bad habits, re-train the brain away from anxiety and depression as well as instill positivity and mindfulness. His sessions are life-changing. Highly recommended.” Maria S

“Scott offers a life changing experience I can not recommend highly enough. He has shown me a whole new level of consciousness and mindfulness which makes you see life through a complete different lens and shows you what happiness and presence is supposed to feel like. He gives you tools for life which you will be able to apply in so many different situations which can literally save you. Thank you Scott for everything is all that is left to say.”Isabel W

“Living in a small rural town with limited resources to mental health facilities, Scott’s only a phone call or skype session away. His changed my life in more ways then I thought were possible. He can relate and understand everything I feel and think. I wasn’t sure hypnosis would work, but I can’t recommend hypnosis with Scott enough.”Rebecca V

“Scott does a great job in what he does. He explains things so in-depth and efficiently that it’s easier to understand and comprehend. I went to Scott for hypnotherapy for anxiety and after my 3rd session I haven’t had the debilitating anxiety I was having. Heaviness on the chest, tightness of the stomach. Although there’s still a little bit of anxiety that comes and goes I feel that I’m normal again and things have been moving forward with myself. I will continue seeing Scott for more confidence and motivation/performance aspects.”Chris C

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