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This is a mentoring session for new nutritional medicine practitioners and naturopaths or experienced practitioners who would like a ‘second opinion’ with complex cases.

Minimum session duration: 1 hour. Sessions are available in person (Dover Heights, NSW) or skype/phone nationally and internationally.

Maria has built a successful nutritional medicine clinic and has significant experience addressing the following conditions:

-mental health including Pyrolle disorder, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, OCD, phobias, etc

-hormonal dysfunction and period health

-thyroid and adrenal problems

-chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

-migraines and persistent headaches

-Autism spectrum disorder and all children’s developmental disorders (Maria is a MINDD founcation and MAPS (US medical academy of pediatric special needs) trained practitioner)

-gut dysfunction including: IBS, Chron’s, SIBO, celiac disease and many others

-methylation dysfunction and all MTHFR and other gene related issues (Maria is a FITGENES trained practitioner)

-histamine intolerance and all associated issues

-food intolerances, allergies and restoration of immune function

-autoimmune conditions such as: Coeliac disease, MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Pathology Testing

Maria is an expert in understanding Hair Tissue Mineral analysis and implementing it’s findings into practice to achieve outstanding health outcomes for your clients.

Maria also regularly utilises genetic tests, stool analysis, Organic acids tests, food intolerance tests and many others and is proficient in interpreting these tests in line with your client’s conditions.

Maria also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (UNSW) and has had a 10 year marketing career.

She has strong business acumen and can provide mentoring regarding:

-starting a clinic: set up forms, intake questionnaires and client management

-running a successful clinic that achieves financial goals as well as superior client health outcomes

-marketing strategies including social media: how to set up social media platforms and utilise these effectively

-writing articles/blogs that are unique and memorable and build a relationship with your audience and create future clients

Please use the calendar link HERE to book your appointment and use this page as payment/product purchase.


1 review for Practitioner mentoring 1 hour

  1. 5 out of 5


    During my study I had been following Maria’s updates on her website, blogs and various social media. Maria’s message resonated with me on a personal level and also as a student hungry for more knowledge that could be applied in a clinical setting. Her passion, depth of knowledge from being in clinical practice since 2013 and her ease of communication was a key factor in why I approached Maria hoping to align with her mode of practice.
    During the course of my study as like my students my interest to study Nutrition stemmed from wanting to find answers to my own health and this has been an ongoing journey. I have seen a lot of Practitioners, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Integrated GP’s and its Maria’s knowledge particularly of biochemistry that have provided the most insightful answers to my own health.
    Maria has been extremely supportive as a mentor and very generous with her knowledge. As a student starting out, it can be intimidating however Maria’s mentoring style is empowering and allows you to step outside your comfort zone with confidence.
    My best heartfelt advice would be not to ‘waste’ 3-6 months pondering whether Maria’s mentoring sessions may be of benefit. I only wish I had made the decision a lot earlier.

    Rebecca, Nutritionist

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