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NutraOrganics Collagen Body 450g

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NutraOrganics Collagen Body helps to increase the body’s natural collagen production

NutraOrganics Collagen Body is a highly targeted formula featuring FORTIBONE® that can significantly improve joint and bone health, and overall wellbeing.

Many people experience bone and joint discomfort as the collagen in our body breaks down due to age and lifestyle factors. Collagen is often left out in modern diets because it is not present in lean cuts of meat, but rather bones and connective tissue.

Our biofunctional NutraOrganics Collagen Body blend works as a signaling protein, increasing the body’s natural collagen production. It is enzymatically hydrolysed for maximum absorption and rapid utilisation, specifically targeting the strength and integrity of essential structures, keeping our bones, muscles, joints and ligaments stronger, longer.

Daily use of NutraOrganics Collagen Body can:

  • Ease joint discomfort and make joints smooth and mobile
  • Assist in cartilage regeneration
  • Improve bone density, stability and flexibility
  • Improve gut health
  • Decelerate loss of bone mass
  • Assist in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Assist in wound healing
  • Improve the quality of life

Collagen is also important for gut and digestive health, and our overall wellbeing. The gut is largely where our immune system resides, and is where over 70% of our serotonin (happy hormone) is made. Collagen provides the necessary building blocks to restore and repair the gut lining, keeping our immune system strong and increasing our overall wellbeing. Collagen Body is 90% protein, low kilojoule, no sugar and no carbohydrates.

Take Collagen Body daily to reinforce strength, assist in optimal aging to gain quality of life, helping you feel strong inside and out

Serving Suggestion: For best results take 18g (three scoops) daily. Collagen Body is temperature resistant and fully dissolves in hot or cold liquid while maintaining nutritional value. Flavourless and odourless, Collagen Body easily can be mixed into sweet things like smoothies, chia puddings, rolled into bliss balls or baked into banana bread. Add to savoury food like bone broth, soups, and sauces. You can also add it to hot drinks like tea and coffee. Get creative! Scroll to the bottom of this page to see recipes with this product!

The nitty-gritty on Collagen…

Our Collagen is Type I and Type III (which are predominantly found in the skin). All our Collagen is a bovine (cow) source. It is the closest structure to our own.

What differentiates the different types of collagen is the way we enzymatically hydrolyse them. We have specific enzymes we use for each different product as well as different final molecular weight profiles. This results in different remaining peptide chains within the collagen powder (so all amino acids are the same it is the length of the chains and the different terminal ends of the chains that are important to each of the collagen peptide products).  The clinical studies associated with FORTIBONE® have only used these particular collagen peptide products as initial cell stimulation trials showed that these were the best in terms of stimulatory affects on target cells (FORTIBONE® on the bone osteoclasts and osteoblasts).

Ingredients: Hydrolysed Collagen, FORTIBONE® (Bovine Source)

Servings approx 25 Serving Size 18g (3 scoops)
Av. Quantity

Per serving

Av. Quantity

Per 100g



Fat, total

– Saturated


– Sugars










Not Detected








Not Detected















Hydroxyproline 12.17
Aspartic acid 5.82
Serine 3.05
Glutamic acid 10.15
Glycine 21.17
Histidine 1.36
Arginine 7.35
Threonine 1.92
Alanine 8.87
Proline 12.9
Tyrosine 0.92
Hydroxylysine 1.45
Valine 2.47
Methionine 0.9
Lysine 3.5
Isoleucine 1.52
Leucine 2.8
Phenyalanine 2.12





















FORTIBONE® is a trademark of GELITA AG in Germany and other countries

For information on FORTIBONE® visit Gelita HERE.

Store in a cool dry place below 25 degrees.

Sold by weight not volume, some settling may occur.


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