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Specialising in Children’s health, Women’s health, Gut health and Gilbert’s Syndrome, Skin conditions and Weight loss

Meet Eliza, a dedicated naturopath with over 20 years of experience specialising. Eliza's approach is holistic and intuitive. It aims to unravel complex health issues and restore vitality. With a passion for alternative health strategies, Eliza takes a personalised approach, seeking the root causes of health concerns rather than simply treating symptoms. Eliza is fully trained in Maria's courses and clinical strategies for Gilbert's Syndrome, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Heavy Metals Detoxification. Eliza is available for online consultations in Australia and overseas in multiple time zones. Eliza offers a variety of treatment options tailored to each individual, including dietary and lifestyle suggestions, herbal medicine, and nutritional therapy.  Eliza is highly proficient in the latest in functional medicine testing:
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Blood pathology
  • Dutch Hormone testing
  • GI map Gut Testing
  • Organic Acids Testing 
Consultation prices vary. Please review the information below.  

The Standard Initial Session is 1 hour in duration:

  • During this session, we review your health history, current symptoms and concerns, lifestyle and dietary habits, and discuss your health goals. We formulate a strategy together that will address each of your health goals. We will agree together on a general treatment plan to be reviewed and refined at the follow-up consultations. Appropriate handouts/reading materials, as well as recipes, will also be provided.
  • Before the consultation, you will receive an email with clinic details, a health history questionnaire, and a 3-day food diary. These should be completed and emailed back at least 24 hours before the appointment – this facilitates a more in-depth consultation and frees up time during the consult to work on the treatment plan.
  • We regularly ask patients to conduct blood testing (usually via their GP) and order various functional medicine tests (hair, stool or saliva) that provide us with information that allows us to identify some of the underlying causes of health issues and resolve them through having scientific data about your health.
  • This approach avoids guesswork and yields effective results. Also, usually nutritional supplements are prescribed - we prescribe and provide directly to you - practitioner-only brands that contain ingredients at therapeutic doses and are of the highest quality. These are always personalised for your needs.
  • A few minutes at the end of your session may be required for the practitioner to order supplements and organise handouts.

The Complex Case Initial Session is 1.5 hours in duration:

All the aspects are covered as above. This session is for complex cases with multi-body system issues, chronic illness and patients who have seen multiple previous practitioners or have had several functional medicine tests done that require review prior to the consultation. Please note that Maria Shaflender now only sees patients who are ‘complex cases’ and are committed to resolving their health concerns over a period of time.

Follow-up sessions:

  1. 45 mins: Review of test results, detailed dietary plans and treatment. Discussion of progress and refinement of treatment at each consult
  2. 30 mins: Short consults - as your treatment progresses beyond the first few sessions, these consults provide fine-tuning of treatment and dietary and lifestyle aspects

Duration of treatment and number of follow up appointments 

This depends on individual circumstances and will be discussed at the initial consultation. There are no added GST charges for consultations. Health fund rebates may apply. Please check with your insurance provider.

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