My foundational philosophy

Over the years I have evolved my answer to the question: ‘so….what does a nutritionist do?’ to a rather straightforward response:

“I help you give your body what it needs to thrive and take things out of it that stop it from doing so”.

From being a clinical nutritionist with a sole focus on real food, I have evolved my practice to include functional and environmental medicine in addition to nutritional medicine. Mainly because through addressing my own, my partner’s and my children’s health as well as my clients’, it has become increasingly very clear to me that just eating the right foods for your body is NOT enough to achieve optimal health in today’s world.

The number of toxins we are confronted with today, the number of opportunistic organisms such as parasites and bacteria, the number of toxic metals, the negative electromagnetic energy is staggering and it affects every person.

This is an additional burden to the severe nutrient deficiencies that we all suffer from- nutrients without which our bodies do not function and which predispose is to disease. Add to that pervasive and unrelenting stress, lack of quality sleep, over-exercising and eating foods that are harmful to us and you have a recipe for all health conditions.

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What I can help you with is pretty simple:

1. I help you remove toxins and foods from your body that are preventing it from being vital and healthy:

By using detailed health history, functional tests such as hair mineral analysis, Hair 500 biocompatibility Analysis, parasite and bacteria stool testing and many others

2. I help you replenish the missing/ depleted vitamins, minerals and other nutrients based on your specific genetics, metabolic type and health goals. This consists of the right diet as well as essential nutritional supplements

When these 2 goals are achieved, optimal health is the outcome.

I don’t promote any specific diet to everyone. So when people ask me ‘should I be Paleo? Should I be keto? Should I be vegan? The answer is- it depends on what is right for your genetics, metabolism and health goals.

My approach has evolved over the years to be solely focused on individual genetics, metabolism and nutrient requirements. We are all highly unique and what works for one person does not work for another. If you want to follow a specific popular diet blindly and see if it works go ahead and follow it, but I’m not the person to help you with that.

If you are ready for a truly personalised way of eating and living that is evidenced in your individual genetics, ancestry, metabolism, nutrient requirements – then give me a call. You will not have to be guessing ever again.

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Click HERE to read testimonials from my clients whose health has been turned around.

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What EVERYONE can benefit from regardless of individual variations:

  • eating more veggies that grow above the ground of as many colours as possible
  • significantly reducing (or ideally eliminating) alcohol
  • significantly reducing (or eliminating) dairy foods from cows
  • eliminating wheat
  • minimising exposure to household and personal care product chemicals
  • purifying water with high quality filters
  • spending time outdoors daily
  • optimising sleep
  • reducing stress from all sources and addressing emotional health to cope with stress better
  • doing some exercise most days a week and minimising time spent sitting

All these factors are addressed in clinic as part of the COMPLETE nutritional and lifestyle programs.

Are you ready to begin the journey to YOUR optimal health?

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What are your symptoms telling you? Check your state of health now with our free health quiz

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